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5 Cut-Proof Kitchen and Gardening Gloves

5 Cut-Proof Kitchen and Gardening Gloves

5 Cut-Proof Kitchen and Gardening Gloves

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  • Sometimes you just need a anti-cut glove and are tired of identifying that it is the right hand glove or the left one. This anti-cut glove can save your time, as you can wear it on your right or left hand at will

  • Made of 316 stainless steel and high strength high film polyethylene, this anti-cut glove can provide the level 5 cut-resistant feature. Don't need to worry that your finger will be cut and bleeding easily

  • The cut-proof grade of this cut resistant glove is level 5, which means it could effectively protect your hand when your hand is cut by the cutting tool

  • The full finger glove can provide a sense of security for your 5 fingers. Don't need to worry about any of your fingers

  • Inside the glove is the cotton to bring a touch of comfort. Besides, we also provide a white nylon glove which can be as the comfortable lining. The glove is close to your skin and your hand could feel comfortable for a long time

  • The stainless steel covers the surface of this cut-resistant glove, adding the sense of security when you are holding the cutting tool, carrying the steel plate or the highly toxic liquid crystal glass etc.

  • No matter you are a factory worker in cutter factory, clothes factory, stamping factory or glass factory, or a security guard or Note:This is only a glove, not a pair of gloves. Please notice this before ordering


  • Material:316 Stainless Steel,High Strength High Film Polyethylene

  •  Size:S,M,L,XL

  •  Color:Steel Color

  •  heme:Sports

  • Cut-proof Level:Level 5

  •  Features:Anti-cut

  •  Suitable for:Factory Worker,Security Guard,Butcher

  •  ype:Full Finger

  • Packaged:Opp bag


  • 1x Cut-resistant Glove 


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