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Anti Snoring Ring Magnetic Therapy Sleep Aid

Anti Snoring Ring Magnetic Therapy Sleep Aid

Anti Snoring Ring Magnetic Therapy Sleep Aid

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  • Physical therapy, acupuncture at acupoint in traditional Chinese Medicine; 
  • The principle of acupoint pressing in traditional Chinese medicine through the human nervous system
  • The ring uses the acupoint stimulation point, precisely positioned in the nerve point of the left thumb root. 
  • Connected to the respiratory system, thereby reducing and eliminating snoring symptoms.


  • Material: Environmental Protection Copper + Plating
  • Not Closed Size: About 25 X 25 X 7mm/0.98 X 0.98 X 0.28"
  • Type: Black, Gold, Embossing Gold, Rose Gold, Embossing Rose Gold, Silver, Embossing Silver


  • Place the ring on the little fingera of a hand (right hand for men, left for women usually works best) ideally around an hour before bedtime. 
  • Gently squeeze the ring when it is in place to enable the Acupressure points to work.  
  • The Acupressure Stimulator on the inside of the ring acts on a sensitive spot on the snorer's finger, which is on the outer side at the base of the finger between the knuckle and base. 
  • The raised part on the inside of the ring acts when correctly positioned on one of the meridian lines in the little finger of the snorer. 
  • It uses the age-old principle of Acupressure to eliminate snoring.  


  • 1 X Anti-Snoring Ring


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