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Auto Drip Irrigation Watering System Kits

Auto Drip Irrigation Watering System Kits

Auto Drip Irrigation Watering System Kits


  • The flow rate can be controlled, and the plant watering device with a control valve can control the drip speed 0-60s / 1 drip, and the sustained-release drip lasts 1-15 days.
  • Simple and convenient, without any cumbersome installation, just drill some holes in the bottom of the bottle or cut the tail of the bottle.
  • Accurate water volume, to provide different amounts of water for different plants and flowers, do not become a plant killer, other watering plants either have too little or too much water. 
  • Suitable for brand bottles: Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Iced Black Tea, Lipton, Deet Cola, Aqufina bottles.


  • Type: Watering Spikes
  • Material: PP
  • Size:13.5*2.7cm
  • Quantity: 12/24/36Pcs
  • Product color: blue,green ,or random


  • 1 x Auto Drip Irrigation Watering System Kits


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