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Lint and Fuzz Remover

Lint and Fuzz Remover

Lint and Fuzz Remover

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Ever Worried About Hairballs From Coats?

Those expensive and comfortable pucker coats were put on and off, and you didn't want to throw them away. Our lint roller remover is your best choice, low price, compact design and no power supply, you just gently scrape, the hair ball disappears immediately. Giving you a new beautiful coat again, bring your good mood.


  • EASY TO CARRY:  Wood Lint Roller are very lightweight. It's small in size. It's very suitable to put in a handbag when you go out and use it at any time. Carrying it with you for quickly removing pilling and fuzz to keep tidy and neat at any time

  • BATTERY-FREE: No more batteries wasted. Do it manually. This Portable Lint Remover brings stable and constant strong power to remove lint and balls.It is safe and efficient to clean by hand without leaving a sticky residue behind.

  • WIDELY APPLICATION: Convenient removing pilling, bread crumbs, cotton velvet for sweaters, coat, blankets, Curtain, Socks, Legging, Cashmere, couch, bed sheets, upholstery, furniture and etc. to a fresh new look excellent.


  • Size: 17x13cm / 6.2x7.5cm
  • Material: Wooden Handle, Copper Blade, and Plastic


  • 1x Lint and Fuzz Remover


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Sarah Birmington

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Alexis Scott

You almost have all I needed for my house. Good quality products! Love this store!

Anna McGrew

Interesting online store. It's like you are in a thrift shop!!! Almost alll item is necessary. 

Ben Uten
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