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Drill-Powered Pump

Drill-Powered Pump

Drill-Powered Pump

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  • Features hose attachment nozzles and lets you use power tools you already have: Instead of featuring an internal motor, these pumps are powered by your handheld drill. 
  • A cordless drill gives you portability to use anywhere there is no electricity. They are easy to store; and, since there is no internal motor, it is very durable.
  • Self-priming.
  • Great flow, high efficiency.
  • Easy to use.
  • Long service life.


  • Flow: 8 gal per minute nominal flow
  • 5.3-8.0 gal/min (120W-350W 1500-2500RPM)
  • 8.0-10 gal/min (350W-650W 2500-3500RPM)
  • 3/4" nipple pressure fit connectors with clamps for hose 
  • 1/4" shaft
  • External Dimensions 4.96 * 2.76 * 2.48in  / 126 * 70 * 63mm
  • Self-priming to 12ft
  • For use ONLY on Non-flammable liquids.


  • 1* Drill Pump
  • 2* Hose Clamps
  • 2* Screws
  • 2* Shelf installation brackets

Hose NOT included
Drill NOT included


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