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USB Charging Cigarette Lighter

USB Charging Cigarette Lighter

USB Charging Cigarette Lighter

A New Kind Of Lighter! That's The One For You!

Lighter Designed for fire, not only for smoking. We believe that everyone can own a delightful lighter, not just for cigarettes. Ignition is easier on an electric lighter.

  • DUAL- ARC WITH UPWARD ELECTRODES: Powerful dual-arc with new plasma technology, light in no time. Upgrade with the UPWARD electrodes opening, making it more convenient in ignitions for outdoors and indoors, fire, cigarettes, candles or in other flat surfaces.

  • POWER INDICATOR AND LONG BATTERY LIFE: UPGRADED with 4 LED battery indicators. High quality battery cycle lasts over 600 charges, which saving a big budget on butane/gas lighters or cheaply made arc lighters.

  • WINDPROOF, RELIABLE AND SAFE: No butane/gas is required, works by creating dual electric arcs which is unaffected even by high wind. 7 seconds auto-shut-off ensures a safety use that prevents high temperature damage. Safe and easy to use.


  • Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Weight: 42g


  • 1x Lighter
  • 1x USB Cable


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Sarah Birmington

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Alexis Scott

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Anna McGrew

Interesting online store. It's like you are in a thrift shop!!! Almost alll item is necessary. 

Ben Uten
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